she told a hundred tales a night

one, two, three: we'd better catch up.

thousands of stories, and only one night left.
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ellie's writing (n. fem. el-lee-suh rite-ing) is:

deserving of just a little hidy-hole someplace; about nothing and everything and the world in five words that stretch on forever; about girls and boys looking at girls, however much boys wish they factored into the equation.

adding this is very shiny and pretty and nice so do feel free

So for a number of really long and boring reasons this cache is now FRIENDS ONLY. I'll accept basically anyone as a friend if you've followed a link here and care to have a look 'round, but i am no longer comfortable with having all of this information up so publicly. Do forgive.

i pretend to be byron where the real thoughts of mine lie. she_universe would rather you didn't expose her sham, but if you look for glassy irises with aim, you'd find her anyway under rubble, dust, and secrets.

gabriel/dante, kay/deryn, rubric, watermarks